Homeschooling with Google Maps

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Homeschooling with Google Maps

Episode 27: Homeschooling with Google Maps

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How to use Google Maps in your Homeschool

1. Let your children navigate using the app. It teaches them to give good instructions and learn how maps work

2. Let your children help with trip planning. They can work out how long you will take to get to places and good eating spots en-route.

3. Math – Your children can practice estimation and then right click (or double click on Macs) and select “Measure Distance”. Click where you want to measure to. You can keep doing this and keep adding to the distance. If you “close” the drawing it will also give you the area.

4. Streetview – Click the Peg Man at the bottom right and then click on the blue lines and blue circles. The circles give you 360 views and the blue lines allow you to walk around the streets. At the top left you may see a date and if you click on that you can get historical views of the area.

Two fun places to visit in Streetview

Diagon Alley at Harry Potter Studio Tour outside London. There is limited walking around.

Doctor Who fans, walk along Earls Court Road (also called the A3220) in London and near the Barkston Gardens intersection you will see the TARDIS! And you can go inside!! If you walk around and can’t find it, here is a direct link.

5. You can find a list of Google Treks here – they provide an enhanced experience to some special places like Petra in Jordan.

6. Click on “satellite” when you are in the regular map view for and turn the labels off and see if your children can identify what they are looking at. The click Control (or Command on a Mac) and drag the mouse around for a cool 3D view of places.

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