Homeschooling with Technology


Homeschooling with TechnologyWhether you love technology or are “tech-challenged” – the Homeschooling with Technology podcast is for you!  Technology can help you run your homeschool more efficiently, make lessons more engaging and keep you connected to what is happening all over the world.

When your children graduate from your homeschool, they will be launched into an every-changing techie world. You need to make sure they are ready for that.

And this podcast will help you navigate it all so that you can be confident “Homeschooling with Technology”.

Your podcast host, Meryl van der Merwe, loved using technology while she homeschooled her own children. Now she uses it in the online classes and web-based unit studies she teaches at FundaFunda

Meryl loves trying to keep up-to-date with new technology that will benefit homeschoolers and she wants to share all the best resources she finds with you.

In this podcast, you will

    • learn about resources for specific subjects
    • get tips on how to use tech to improve your productivity
    • find out what techie skills your children should have
        and so much more!

Join Meryl each Wednesday for a 15-minute podcast. Listen on Stitcher, iTunes, or right here (just scroll down). And be sure to subscribe so that you won’t miss a single episode!

Contact Meryl via email on or connect with her on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Homeschooling with Technology Episodes

Homeschooling with Google Sheets

Episode 3: Homeschooling with Google Sheets Google Sheets is one of the Google Drive apps and if you aren’t familiar with all the benefits of those apps, listen to my previous episode. In this episode, you will learn some of the applications for Google sheets in your homeschool. Google Sheets is more limited than many […]

Homeschooling with Google Drive

Episode 2: Homeschooling with Google Drive In this episode, you will learn what Google Drive is, why you should be using it and how to use it in your homeschool. What is Google Drive?   Google Drive is essentially an online filing system. In addition, it is integrated with a number of apps which makes […]

Introducing the Homeschooling with Technology Podcast

Welcome to episode 1 of the Homeschooling with Technology podcast. My name is Meryl van der Merwe and I am a South African. My father bought us a personal computer when I was a teen and I both gamed on it and learned to program. I went to college to get a B.A.  but during […]

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