10 Reasons Why Homeschooling Works

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10 Reasons Why Homeschooling Works – Episode 302

Homeschooling works. It has been decades since the homeschool movement began in the modern world and we know it works. In this podcast, with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz, we discuss what you can expect — great expectations in homeschooling and why homeschool works!

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Stress-Free Life

Stress-Free Fall Activities For Kids

As homeschoolers, we expect the best from our kids and they over-deliver when they are raised in a nurturing environment that encourages our kids to be the best! In a low-pressure homeschool, environment kids thrive. Here are some of our top favorite reasons of why homeschooling works!

  1. Keeping the family together Together means getting to get along. Knowing what our kids are doing is important.
  2. This is also the way that royalty raises children to rule – for the kingdom of God. They are schooled separately from their peers. We live in a republic so we don’t think of kingdoms – but there are many kingdoms in the world – they raise their children to rule their nations. Children were taught Latin, Greek, History, Science, they learned to communicate and be to be poised. It was private and exclusive
  3. Homeschoolers have a chance to used hand picked curriculum –
    1. We can focus on Christian content
    2. We can teach the Bible – whatever we want that is necessary to our faith
    3. We can select books that helped our children to explore their interests
  4. The student can move at their own pace
    1. Math – you can move at your pace to move on
    2. You are not restricted by grade level
  5. You have time to think –
    1. You can arrange your schedule to allow your children time to focus on interests
    2. You can give them the
  6. Spend less of your time on academic time
    1. Get down sooner in hours
    2. More time to explore
    3. Time to finish their work
    4. No homework
  7. Field Trips
    1. Hands-on learning
    2. Visit amazing places that are open at odd times with less people
    3. Vacations – trips and fun things!
  8. Read Real Books
    1. Read authentic books that withstand the test of time.
    2. Original sources
    3. Read the Constitution
  9. Time for lessons
    1. Time for learning music lessons
    2. Time for sports
  10. Instills Confidence
    1. Kids may be shy – small and steady increments
    2. Gives the kids support and allowed the kids with a nurturing environment
    3. Go from being shy to then giving speeches


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