HomeschoolingIRL Episode 5: Homeschooling Will Save Your Kids, Part Two

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Homeschooling Will Save Your Kids, part twoMoney. Sex. Popularity. Cars. Perfect bodies. Homeschooling.

Wait. Homeschooling? When we look to something like money or sex to provide us with a sense of worth or value, if we’re hoping that our popularity will make us feel more loved, if we’re striving for sex appeal, and yes, even if we’re placing our hope in homeschooling, we have created idols for ourselves that enslave us and keep us from walking in freedom.

Join us on this episode of Homeschooling IRL for a thought-provoking discussion of what it means to shift our hope from Jesus to anything else. We might easily point fingers at others who seem to be worshiping the obvious idols the world offers, but what about when the idols are good gifts from God, gifts such as homeschooling?

And ultimately we’ll ask the question, are you a hope shifter? Do you believe that homeschooling will save your kids?


Show Notes:

You can listen to Jim Applegate’s sermon series in Exodus from Redeemer Church, Modesto, CA. The first sermon, In Need of a Redeemer, can be found at this link.


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  1. I homeschooled my son from 2nd grade through high school (he’s 23 and married now) and my 2 girls, ages 8 and 10, are in the local public school. I am considering homeschooling them so I have been doing tons of reading (there is so much more out there since my son graduated!) and listening to podcasts and am enjoying yours very much. Since I have been on both sides, homeschooling and public school, I appreciate your balanced approach shared on this episode. There is no one way to educate every child and all ways are valid. I love how you talked about homeschooling will not save your child. My son lived with his now wife for a few years despite my homeschooling and not raising him that way, so I would have to agree. My daughters are doing great in public school. My desire to homeschool has nothing to do with any complaints about their school. In fact my younger daughter has an IEP and the people who work with her at school are amazing. Thanks for a great podcast!

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