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Homeschooling exchange students | Homeschooling IRL an episode on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast NetworkHomeschooling Exchange Students

Live on location in Paris, France!

One of our very favorite episodes to record, because in this show we record straight from the streets of Paris, France as we interview our former exchange student about life in the home of a large homeschooling family.

This episode brought to you by CTC Math.

Tune in as we talk about homeschooling with exchange students and discuss the benefits and potential challenges for families thinking about opening their homes to international guests.

Show Notes:

La Favorite de Sam – the restaurant where we recorded the interview

Sister Cities International

America’s Worst Photographer 

In this episode, we had the incredible opportunity to interview our former exchange student about life in the home of a large homeschooling family.

🏠🎒 Get ready to dive into the world of homeschooling with exchange students as we explore the benefits and potential challenges of opening your home to international guests.

🌐 Gain insights into:

❤️ Our unique experiences and perspectives exchange students bring to your homeschool environment.
✅ The joys and lessons of fostering cross-cultural connections right from your own home.
✅ Tips and strategies for creating a welcoming and enriching experience for your guest student.

Tune in and let us transport you to the charming streets of Paris as we share stories, experiences, and valuable advice about homeschooling with exchange students. 🗼📚 Don’t miss this heartwarming and enlightening episode!

Listen now or find us on your favorite podcast platform.

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