Honoring Your Body Through Fitness

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Honoring Your Body Through FitnessJoin Julie today as she talks with personal trainer, De Bolton of Faith Fueled Mom about honoring your body through fitness. As we know, our bodies are the temple of God and are an important part of how we honor our Lord. Listen to this interview to learn more about the role of fitness and diet in meeting our potential as servants of the Most High.  De is also one of the featured speakers at the upcoming Family Wellness Conference.

So. Dee, tell us a little bit about your background and what prompted you to go from direct sales to personal trainer? What could have prompted you to do that because I understand you were really good with the direct sales?

You are absolutely right. It was a literal life change when I went from direct sales to personal training, I was in direct sales and I was one of the top in my company. And honestly, I just got tired of partying.

I was in one of those companies that you hosted a bunch of parties, and it sounds crazy to get tired of partying, but I did. I also was a mom of three little girls at the time and it was a lot of work. At the time, though, I was physically unhealthy. I tell people I was underweight spiritually and I was overweight physically. So, I decided to go on my own weight loss journey. And through the journey I got a conviction to honor my temple, so I just literally transformed my life from the inside out.

Then, I went back to school and got a fitness and exercise science degree and certified as a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, fitness nutrition specialist, weight loss specialist and senior fitness specialist. Now, I get to serve women and help them reclaim their temple.

I love that you said, “underweight spiritually and overweight physically.” You told us about honoring your body. How did you address the underweight spiritually?

For sure. So like I said, when I started my journey, I was overweight and I went through a fast through another direct selling company. I literally prayed my way through the 30 day fast. I didn’t lose a lot of weight, but I did have a really intimate relationship with God.

Hear more from De about honoring your body and your temple on the podcast!

How did you address the weight loss after you were through with the fasting portion?

So I went to a trainer, an online trainer, actually, and I joined a community of Christian women. It was nice to be in a community of women and also be educated by somebody who knew how to lose weight. So that was one thing I did. I tell people, ask for help.

I also learned to focus on small wins and lifestyle changes rather than a number on the scale. I feel like celebrating those small things made the journey much more pleasurable. And I always say grace over guilt. So you’re celebrating all the good things that you’re doing and then when you do mess up, and you do have that donut, you don’t feel as bad.

Learn more about the balance of honoring your body versus putting too much emphasis on fitness and diet on the podcast. They also discuss a transformational program called Bible and Bootcamp.

Tell us about how moms can fit exercise and fitness into their busy day as moms?

I’m a mom of three, so I can definitely relate to that. My three are not so little anymore. But as far as fitness, your faith and life, I say move more and nourish your body. Keep it very simple. You don’t have to go to the gym. Dance parties are amazing. Kids love to dance for 15 minutes. Everybody’s sweating in the room. And you moved your body more than you did the day before. Get more tips on the podcast!.

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