Hosanna Hallelujah Easter Fun

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #206, Hosanna Hallelujah Easter Fun, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Hosanna Hallelujah Easter Fun

In “Hosanna Hallelujah Easter Fun,” Episode, #206, join Meredith Curtis and learn to celebrate Holy Week and Easter in a meaningful way. Pass on biblical truth and values to your children through family traditions, devotions, crafts, food, and fun. Experience the depth of the Holy Week & Resurrection celebrations with role playing and object lessons. Don’t worry – Meredith likes to celebrate the easy way!





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Show Notes

Every Gospel Writer shares the details of Jesus’ final week from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection.

Biblical Truth

The Final Week – Biblical Events (Resurrrection Eggs, Laminated 8”x11” posters)

Resurrection Power

Biblical Values

Celebrating, Thanking, Worship, Sharing the Good News

Family Traditions

Church, Devotions, Extended Family Meals, Palm Sunday Parade, Egg Hunts, Hats, New Easter Dresses, Crafts, Scripture Placecards


Family Devotions Start Palm Saturday to Sunday after Easter

Jesus Anointed, Palm Sunday, Jesus Clears Temple, Passover, Garden, Arrest, Trial, Cross, Burial, Resurrection, Appears to Disciples, Walk to Emmanus, Jesus Reinstates Peter, Ascension


Easter Wheel, Resurrection Eggs,


Passover Seder: Roasted Chicken, Lamb, Apple & Walnut Charoset, Carrot Salad, Potato Latke, Cheese Blintzes, Apple Tartlets

Good Friday Ideas: Lamb or Roast or Fish, Parslied Potatoes, Asparagus, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Red Grape Juice

Easter Breakfast Ideas: Broccoli Quiche, Cinnamon Rolls, Raspberry Cheese Danish, Orange Juice, Coffee

Easter Dinner Ideas: Ham or Roast, Potato Salad, Jello Salad, Deviled Eggs, Minted Peas & Carrots, Carrot Cake, Coconut Cake, Key Lime Pie

Role Playing

Dress Up & Act It Out

Podcast, Radio Drama, Video

Object Lessons

Resurrrection Eggs

Lamb Blood & Snake Venom

When snake venom is injected into a lamb or sheep, the animal will create antibodies to fight the poison.

When the sheep is bitten by a poisonous snake, it will have difficulty swallowing, the tongue will protrude from the mouth, and the animal will dribble saliva. Often the animals will be unable to stand after he expels his stomach contents through his nose. After remaining motionless for a period of time, the sheep will regain consciousness.

The sheep’s stomach contains a special enzyme found in the stomach that breaks down the venom.

2 weeks of Family Devotions & Crafts

Celebrate Easter Family Devotions by Meredith Curtis at Powerline Productions, Inc.

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