How Do I Talk To My Kids About Sex? – HIRL Episode 16

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HIRL-Episode-16Sex. The one topic that seems to leave us questioning our parenting, pushing a lot of us into an embarrassing presentation of the basics with our kids.
We’ve discovered that so many of us don’t like the way our own parents talked to us about sex, or we feel like they gave us no boundaries at all, and now we’re just stymied. Most of us think, “I didn’t realize this was going to be so difficult.”
Join us as we interview more than a dozen young adults about how the topic of sex education was handled in their homes while growing up, and listen as return guest Barrett Johnson encourages us to raise kids with courage and boldness.

Join Fletch (from theMangoTimes) and Kendra (from Preschoolers and Peace) podcast every two weeks as they interview guests and talk through some of the goofiness they have experienced in nearly two decades of Homeschooling In Real Life.



  1. Rebecca Brandt says

    As always, you bring up a great topic that many parents, not just homeschooling parents need to address. It’s easy to think – society is (newly) sex saturated so we will keep them behind a wall and think that’s only homeschool parents. I remember in Corrie Ten Boom’s book – My Father’s House – she mentioned that one of her siblings was told about sex the night before their marriage. So, it’s across many audiences in society, not just homeschooling. And the thought that society only became sex saturated recently is a myth. Based on something we recently came across, it appears that when Jesus was talking with his disciples in Caesarea Philippi – he was actually standing on a rock in front of a cave that had a wall behind it that was called the Gates of Hell. His words were not just a parable but also based on his physical geographic location. Within that wall were idols that were the God of sex for that area and the rock on which he stood would have been a place for sexual rituals – behind it – the large idol of Baal where people sacrificed their babies… So, sex has always been a ‘hot topic’. We have sheltered many generations due to the problems it causes when it is not understood from a beautiful and biblical perspective as a gift God gave a married man and woman. The topic of sex has been one that my husband and I have discussed many times. W have addressed questions and have started teaching the children based on their questions and where they are. Last year (or the year before) I read Israel Wayne’s book – Full Time Parenting. In it, he discusses how parents who lived (or live) on farms had a different perspective – the children grew up seeing animals – and that lead to discussions. As Christians, we can’t skip Bible verses – and there are some that lead to definite questions. Of course, proper discernment should always be used. But that brings up the topic as to whether or not parents or adults in general are being trained or given the skill necessary to address anything of a mature basis in a graceful manner in which any person would not feel judged by asking a question about sex. Thank you for standing up to equip parents. Blessings and again – great job.

    • Thanks Rebecca! I appreciate your comments. This episode has received a ton of feedback so far. We are definitely going to follow-up with a part 2 and maybe even a part 3. We really want to talk even more about the gospel and the freedom we have to walk into any discussion without fear. Thanks again!

      • Rebecca Brandt says

        Excellent! I can’t wait to hear it. I don’t think this is a homeschooling only issue. Be blessed and encouraged as you walk this path of encouraging parents on very delicate subjects – loving and not judging. You and Kendra are doing a great job.

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