How Do You Nurture Creativity

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How Do You Nurture Creativity? Glad you asked…

Colleen Kessler Mommy Jammies NightColleen Kessler ~ Nurturing & Celebrating Creativity 

Raising creative kids means giving your children the tools they need to be innovative problem solvers — equipping them to tackle anything that comes their way throughout life. Let’s explore strategies together Tuesday night, and build a toolkit to help nurture creative thinking in our kids. Creative kids become creative adults…and can change our world.

Araising lifelong learnersbout Colleen: Colleen Kessler was a long time teacher of gifted children and prolific author. After becoming pregnant with her second child she and her husband Brian decided to homeschool their oldest and twice gifted son. Colleen has a master’s degree in gifted education and spent over ten years as a gifted intervention specialist advocating for the bright {and often misunderstood} children with whom she worked. She left classroom teaching in 2007 to write full time. She never planned to homeschool. Ever. Since God has a sense of humor, she now works from home while homeschooling her highly gifted and twice-exceptional kids. And she shares her hectic life with you on her website, Raising Lifelong Learners. Visit Colleen on her website raising lifelong learners! 

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  1. Orilla Crider says

    What an awesome evening!!! Thanks Colleen for a wonderful, encouraging workshop!!!

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