How much screentime for your children?

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How Much Screen Time for Your Children

Episode 55: How much screentime for your children?

My previous episode on Homeschooling Digital Natives gives context to this episode so if you haven’t listened to it yet, you might it helpful as you consider the question, “How much screentime for your children?”

I suggest you look for balance and to help you, here are some things I think you should consider:

1. Too much time on computer screens isn’t good for any of us. This is particularly true at night as it affects sleep. See this article by Beth Napoli aka Techie Homeschool Mom.

2. Too much time spent sitting and doing things online means children aren’t spending that time being active.

3. Tech addiction is a real problem for some children

4. The current generation is the most anxious generation that we know about. This is not only due to tech use, but social media, in particular, can have negative effects on mental health.

5. On the flip side, online gaming can be social time if friends and family are playing together.

6. Children need to learn tech skills to operate in the world.

7. Technology is how your teens will connect with their peers and make plans to do things offline. It is always a way to connect with family members who don’t live in the same area.

8. Technology opens up a huge world for your children. It helps them understand others better as they can learn about people all over the world. They can also find resources to teach them anything they want to learn.

What are your options on how to limit screen time?

Here are some ideas:

  • Put limits on devices
  • Have specific times children can be online, or times they must be offline.
  • Allow them online only after they have finished schoolwork and chores
  • Allow unlimited computer time but only if they are being productive online. This is an idea I read about from Beth Napoli. Read her whole blog post and see what you think.

Whatever you decide to do, talk to your kids about it and explain your reasoning.

I would also suggest you make sure your children are involved in enough activities like 4-H, scouts, sports and community service that they don’t have too much time to be in front of a screen.

Listen to the whole episode as I further develop the ideas I mention above.

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  1. It’s so hard to say no sometimes, especially with technology all over the place and small enough to get into little people’s hands. Love the advice you give, limit and make is a privilege at times. Kids will appreciate using their imaginations and getting outside WAY more than watching TV.

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