How to Control Blood Sugar Naturally

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How to Control Blood Sugar NaturallyWant to know how to control blood sugar naturally? Julie gives some tips in this week’s Crunchy Christian Podcast episode. First, she discusses the differences between simple and complex carbs. This is because controlling your intake of simple carbs is the heart of how to control blood sugar.

How to Control Blood Sugar Naturally

Understand the difference between simple and complex carbs.

You don’t just get hungry when your stomach is empty, you also get cravings when your body is running low on important nutrients. Carbohydrates are a nutrient and your body needs them, but there are two kinds of carbohydrates.

Complex Carbohydrates

Some carbohydrates, called “complex carbohydrates”, digest slowly. These are the carbs that come from sources like grains. This means that after you eat them, they gradually release sugar into your body, which your body can use as needed for several hours. Incidentally, because complex carbs take so long to digest, they also leave your stomach feeling fuller longer. This can also help to keep hunger at bay. These carbs generally come from seed-based foods—grains, nuts, and beans. Most of them also tend to have a lower glycemic index. The glycemic index (GI) tells us how quickly a carb is digested and how much it raises blood sugar levels. A lower GI means it digests more slowly and has less of an effect on blood sugar. A high GI means it digests quickly and can cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

Simple Carbohydrates

Other carbohydrates, namely sugars, are called “simple carbohydrates”. These are much easier for your body to break down. That means that instead of supplying your body with long-burning energy for a few hours like complex carbs do, it extracts and either burns or stores the sugars in a very short amount of time. These carbs flood your bloodstream, have a higher GI, and often provide few nutrients. The steep sugar spikes can cause your blood to carry too much sugar. The extra sugar can damage sensitive nerve tissue and blood vessels. Another problem is that these excess calories don’t provide nutrition, leaving your body asking for more food in order to address the deficit.

Fruit can be a healthy source of simple carbs, but you still don’t want to have too many simple carbs. So, put some fruit on the side of your plate and make sure low-carb vegetables, slow-burning carbs like whole grains, and plenty of protein make up the rest of it. Protein is another nutrient that your body can use for energy but that takes a while to break down. It also doesn’t change your blood sugar at all because the energy in protein doesn’t come from sugars.

How to Control Blood Sugar Naturally by Eliminating Added Sugars

When you are avoiding sugar to improve your health, you should understand the different names that manufacturers use for this sweet substance. Here is a list of the names used for the added sugar in foods and beverages:

• Fructose sweetener
• Evaporated cane juice
• Crystal dextrose
• Corn syrup (and the high fructose variety)
• Cane sugar
• Corn sweetener
• Brown sugar
• Fruit juice
• Maple syrup
• Honey
• Dextrose
• Maltose
• Agave nectar

This is a partial list of the names for sugar because manufacturers create new types of sweeteners occasionally. To determine if a product at the grocery store has any type of sugar, you must read the small print on the package’s label. Remember that the beverages and foods that are labeled as natural, organic, healthy or low-calorie can still have added sugar. In addition, some foods contain natural sugars, but these types of foods frequently have high levels of minerals, fiber and vitamins. You might notice that some natural sugars are on this list. These have nutritional value but can still be added sugars. This is because added sugar means any sugar that doesn’t occur naturally.

Listen to the podcast for additional information about healthy sugars and other ways for how to control blood sugar naturally.

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