How To Deal With Homeschool Burnout – HIRL Episode 58

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Free homeschool podcast discussing how to deal with homeschool burnoutThis is our second stab at the topic of homeschool burnout. Back in Episode 39, we interviewed four homeschool moms and discussed the topic: I Love Homeschooling, But I’m Totally Burned Out.  On that episode we verified that homeschooling moms burn out often and regularly.

Our listener Anna, wrote in and asked if we would expand the topic a little more. “I’m just having a really hard time figuring out how to carve out some (consistent) space in our life for me to recharge my batteries, and I’d love to know how other moms manage to do that.”  Anna, this episode is just for you!

We decided to hit this topic alone. We are not strangers to burnout. In fact, we are in the middle of our own homeschool/homeschooling/homeschoolers burnout as we sat down to record this show. Our listeners get a front row seat as we discuss honestly how we are choosing to work through our own burnout.

Tune in as we offer practical advice to both mom and dad as we answer the question about how to deal with homeschool burnout.

1:53– Introduction
8:00 – Letter #1 – Jennifer, Binge Listener/Fluff Lover
10:37 – Letter #2 – Heather, Hope Shifting
16:00 – Homeschool Burnout – Segment 1/Practical Response
31:58 – Homeschool Burnout – Segment 2/”Me” Time
41:30 – Homeschool Burnout – Segment 3/Fletcher Burnout

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