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How to Have Fun in Your HomeschoolHow to Have FUN in Your Homeschool (Replay)
With Mary Hannah Wilson

I first was introduced to Mary Willson through IG Reels. Her Reels are so much fun and encouraging to Homeschoolers! Mary has been a homeschooling Mom for over a decade and loves to provide helpful information to fellow homeschoolers, particularly families with homeschooling teens.

So, I reached out to Mary to see if she’d be willing to talk with me about fun and laughing as we homeschool. Laugher really is the best medicine, and honestly, an important life skill to teach our kids.

Fun comes very naturally to her. For instance, when her oldest hit Jr High, she didn’t want to do Literature studies so much anymore. So, Mary got together with some fellow homeschoolers and planned a once-a-month book party. The first book they studied was The Hunger Games, so she dressed up as Effie, they had themed food and decorations, and many years later the book studies are still going strong! In fact, Mary still leads book clubs online!

Mary’s best tips for those of us who have to work at having fun!

  1. Plan for fun: it doesn’t have to be spontaneous. Give yourself permission and time to have fun.
  2. Make it a priority. Fun is so important for family bonding and mental and physical health.
  3. What does YOUR family do for fun- what do your kids enjoy for fun? Play games, go shooting- Fun can be very broadly defined.
  4. Everything doesn’t have to be fun. Reserve your enjoy and pour into 1-2 events/ activities, as Mary did with the themed Book Clubs
  5. Fun is an attitude. Enjoy life, make jokes, have FUN.

Find Mary Hanna Wilson

Website – she has many themed Book clubs for sale -all planned out and ready for a party!

Instagram– check out her Reels!

Facebook Page

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