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Today we are talking with Candice Duggar, the mastermind behind Bullied, Broken, Redeemed.Replay | How to Heal from Bullying

Today on Life Skills 101, we are talking with Candice Duggar, the mastermind behind Bullied, Broken, Redeemed. Teaching our kids how to navigate the online world and keeping themselves emotionally and physically safe is going to be a necessary life skill, as the online world is going to continue to expand and grow; many of our kids may find themselves working in the online space.

Candice share the journey of bullying in their own family and how that changed the course of her family and life- from working with Fortune 100 Companies to Homeschooling Momma and the creator of Bullied, Broken, Redeemed.

“There is no safe. There is only safer.” Candace Duggar

The program builds in Executive Functioning and Soft Skills and Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Of kids who will be bullied, 90% don’t tell their parents, and 70% don’t tell anyone.

Most bullying takes place after 10 p.m. at night. Parents, collect your kid’s cell phones at night, and turn off the Wi-Fi.

Give kids a “safe” word and develop a family policy about how to help your kids out of unsafe circumstances.

Begin talking to your kids sooner than later about safety online and cyberbullying. Kids as young as 2-5 years old are playing online games, which means kids are getting bullied at younger and younger ages.

We are meant to be in community, but we are not meant to be in a community of a million people! The online world encourages shallowness; as Christians, we want our kids to grow in wisdom and discernment. This will take intentionality as parents!

*This course, Digital Leadership, is no longer available at TNHA.

Replay How to Heal from Bullying

We still felt the topic was an urgent one to revisit and hope you enjoy this replay of How to Heal from Bullying.


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