How to make virtual field trips engaging

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How to Make Virtual Field Trips Engaging

90: How to make virtual field trips engaging

In this episode, our guest, Shannan Swindler, shares how to make virtual field trips engaging. Shannan’s home base is in Scotland, where she and her husband homeschool their two kids (ages 11 & 15) and they learn on location throughout Europe as much as possible. She is a classical style home educator living out her God-breathed dream of raising her family in Europe. She’s passionate about many things, especially helping others learn on location using the world as their classroom. You can join her at Captivating Compass for homeschool and family travel inspiration.

Shannan explains how her family stumbled upon virtual field trips & museum tours and you can read about some of their favorites in her Virtual Museum Tours for Doing School at Home post.

I have also covered the idea of Virtual Field Trips on this podcast before – so be sure to listen to that episode for ideas too.

Shannan goes on to explain how homeschoolers can get the most out of virtual field trips. Two resources you can find on her website are:

Another exciting resource from Shannan that is free and will be fun to use this summer is her Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt


Mentioned in this episode are show sponsor FundaFunda Academy’s web-based unit studies which often include virtual field trips!

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How to make virtual field trips engaging

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