How to modify online curriculum for special needs students Part 2

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How to Modify Online Curriculum for Special Needs Students Part 2

126: How to modify online curriculum for special needs students: Part 2

Guest Lindsay Leiviska explains how to modify online curriculum for special needs students. You can find Lindsay online at A Heart For All Students. Her podcast is also called “A Heart for All Students”.

Be sure to listen to part 1 first if you haven’t already. In that episode she discusses variables to consider when choosing online curriculum.

Tips for what you as a parent can do

  • Rather than leave kids to their own devices, use online curriculum as a teaching tool.
  • Sit with your student and watch videos together.
  • Pause videos at appropriate intervals in order to check for understanding.
  • Use one sheet of paper or small whiteboard for each problem, pause the video and work through each problem together.
  • Depending upon the learning and emotional needs of the child as well as the concepts at hand, I modify my level of involvement.
  • Always remove learning barriers
  • Scribe for your child (write math problems, have them spell orally, etc)
  • Support your child with verbal cues as she works through math problems,
  • Gradually have child tell me the steps involved and “tell me” what to do. This requires A LOT of effort as speaking orally requires greater processing and retention (teaching is highest form of learning)
  • Slowly hand over reigns step by step.
  • Depending upon needs, work through questions one by one together on one sheet of paper for each problem in large text.
  • When needed, support concepts with extra video-based tutorials (Removes mom’s need to choose the correct verbiage)
  • Always have hard copy texts and support tools (maps, reference charts, etc)
  • Resist the urge to stay on schedule
  • Don’t be afraid to pause and repeat lessons or concepts when needed.
  • Circle back to concepts as needed

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How to Modify Online Curriculum for Special Needs Students Part 2

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