How to select online classes for your children

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How to select online classes

Episode 24: How to select online classes for your children

1. Cost

  • you get what you pay for (live classes, graded classes will cost more)
  • refund policies?

2. Synchronous / Asynchronous

Synchronous classes are usually live and students watch a live stream. Good for students who like structure. Example: True North Homeschool Academy.

Asynchronous classes allow students to select the time they come to class and are recorded videos and other assignments. Good for students with unpredictable schedules. Example: show sponsor, FundaFunda Academy.

3. Graded / not graded

For younger students grading is not important, but high school students need a grade. Is the class grade? If not is there an answer key/rubrics for the parent to use?

4. Self-paced vs deadlines

Pros of self-paced classes: take as long as you want, often can re-use for multiple kids, example: – FundaFunda Academy web-based unit studies
Cons – take as long as you want so no pressure to finish, usually not graded

Classes with deadlines ensure students finish their work on time and prepares them for college (and life!). Examples: FundaFunda Academy’sand True North Homeschool Academy‘s full semester classes.

Be sure to check out the new podcast from Lisa Nehring of True North Homeschool Academy – Soft Skills 101

5. Class interaction

Some classes have forums/discussion rooms
Some classes have ways students can view each other’s work and give peer reviews and ratings.
Group work is also a possibility in online classes

6. Learning style

Do your children learn better with live interaction, with textbooks, with interactive websites and games? Do you want classes that have tests or ones that assess mastery in a different way?

7. Rigour

Classes can be “light” or rigorous. Some are Honors level or AP prep.

In conclusion, it can very helpful if you can view a demo of classes you are considering before you buy.

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How to select online classes

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