How Your Children Can Learn Digital Art

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How your children can learn digital art

Episode 33: How your children can learn digital art with Jim Pence


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Today’s episode is an interview with Jim Pence from See The Light Shine. Visitors to See the Light’s website can download and keep 3 free video art lessons. Jim has been teaching art online for many years.

Visit Jim on See The Light’s Youtube Channel, or his own personal Youtube channel. New weekly digital art lessons can be found every Tuesday on their blog (or on their YouTube channel).

Why should homeschool parents consider digital art as part of their homeschooling?

  • once you have the equipment and apps, it is cheaper than buying art supplies
  • no physical artwork to store
  • teaches marketable skills

What age can students start at?

As soon as you are prepared to let them use the equipment. As soon as they can draw they are reading to learn digital art.

What online tools do you recommend (paid and free)?

Procreate – ($9.99 / iPad or iPhone only)
Sketchbook – (Free / all platforms)
ArtRage – ($4.99 iOS or Android / $79 PC

Any special equipment necessary?

Inexpensive Graphics Tablet / Pressure-Sensitive Stylus:
Huion H420
Wacom Graphics Drawing Tablet

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