HSHSP Ep 109: How to Start a Homeschool Co-op Your Teens Will Enjoy

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This week on HSHSP Ep 109: How to Start a Homeschool Co-op Your Teens Will Enjoy.

HSHSP Ep 109: How to Start a Homeschool Co-op Your Teens Will Enjoy

HSHSP Ep 109: How to Start a Homeschool Co-op Your Teens Will Enjoy

The homeschooling community is famous for co-ops! What are co-ops? They are simply families homeschooling together in some format (co-operating on education).

Homeschool co-ops take lots of formats:

  • 2 families getting together to do fun learning activities
  • Huge co-ops that have 50 families with structured studies
  • 1 topic co-ops
  • There’s not ONE right way to homeschool co-op

What are the benefits of co-ops?

  • Experiencing other teacher’s styles, grading
  • Responsibility of a group setting
  • Fun of some subjects that are delightful in a group
  • Downloading teaching of subjects mom doesn’t like to moms who do like them

Here’s how to start a homeschool co-op you and your teens will enjoy:

  • Start with prayer together
  • Clarify expectations and goals (believe us it will save LOTS of storm and stress later on). Decide the goals co-operatively. Your goals might look like:
    • Aimed at middleschoolers and highschoolers that are science experiences and labs
    • Aimed at mostly reading and writing projects for highschoolers
    • Aimed for multi-subjects and multi-ages
    • Aimed at multi-ages as field trips to historic sites
    • And ENDLESS other goals
  • Decide here you’ll meet
  • Decide when you’ll meet
    • How often
    • Length of school year
    • Breaks
  • Choose class period lengths
  • Will you have a hard start? (Do we wait for everyone to show up? Do we start right on time? This determines who teaches what.)
  • What has God given us to work with?
    • Moms’ interests, gifts and needs
    • Teens’ interests, gifts and needs
  • Determine the costs per family or student
    • Facilities costs (even if you’re in someone’s home, there are expenses to the hosts)
    • Curriculum
    • Course resources and materials
    • What limitations are families experiencing?
  • Clarify logistics
    • Are set-up and clean-up chores assigned?
    • Are moms only involved?
    • Do teens help?
  • Clarify whether there will be a lunch break
    • How will that be organized
    • Beware everyone using the microwave (there’s TOO long a line)
  • Set group check-in times (evaluate yucks and yahoos of the co-op)
    • Also set your own checkins with your teens and yourself

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for a helpful discussion about starting your co-op. Also, check out these episodes:


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HSHSP Ep 109: How to Start a Homeschool Co-op Your Teens Will Enjoy

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