HSHSP Ep 114: How to Homeschool Highschool When You Don’t Know Everything

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This week on HSHSP Ep 114: How to Homeschool Highschool When You Don’t Know Everything.

HSHSP Ep 114: How to Homeschool Highschool When You Don't Know Everything

HSHSP Ep 114: How to Homeschool Highschool When You Don’t Know Everything

No homeschool mom wants to leave holes in their teens’ education.

EVERYONE has holes in their education. No matter where you were educated or how much you are educated you have holes somewhere in what you know.

Holes are everywhere! Even the most expert professionals in long careers still have holes somewhere in their knowledge base. But don’t worry, your teens are learning to explore interests and become independent learners. Many teens will let you know what holes are important to them and help you explore how to fill those holes.

Know that some holes don’t matter! These holes are information your teen will never need in their future careers. (For example, a teen who will become a hair stylist or a Communications major don’t really need Calculus in homeschool high school.)

Our homeschool highschoolers learn to be lifelong learners. Homeschool highschool is a foundation of their life-learning. It is just a start. You can’t handle everything in the world in 4 years.

Sciences often make moms nervous. Who remembers their last Science course? It was a LONG time ago! But there are LOTS of ways to solve the problem of teaching the required Sciences to homeschool highschoolers.

Remember: There’s not ONE right way to tackle topics you don’t know. Look into one or more of these:

  • Pray
  • Co-ops and group classes
  • Swap courses with a mom-friend
  • Community college
  • Video courses and online courses (Here’s an episode on digital learning.)

You might enjoy these episodes on labs and ideas for non-science learners.

Higher Maths often intimidate homeschool moms. Here are some tips:

The tips listed for Sciences also apply to higher Maths. Also, try:

  • Working with a tutor
  • Find a homeschool highschool study-buddy

Language Arts/Writing is intimidating to many homeschool moms (especially grading writing):

  • Make peace with the subjective parts of writing…really mom, you can handle subjectiveness
  • Use a rubric (that’s why 7Sisters’ writing curriculum includes rubrics)
  • Have a friend of friends grade papers
  • Send your homeschool highschooler to co-op, group classes or online classes (This often includes the important experience: peer review.)

Language Arts/Literature can be frustrated to some homeschool teens:

World Languages are so intimidating for homeschool moms. Here are some workable ideas:

History is so much fun to teach in homeschool highschool! You and your teen can learn together or they can usually easily handle independent learning.

  • Often, if a textbook is engaging, teens can do the text independently. (Independent learning is a goal for 7Sisters’ Psychology and Human Development courses.)
  • Group classes and co-ops are marvelous for discussions.
  • Online courses
  • Video courses

Phys Ed sometimes takes some creativity!

Fine Arts is intimidating to moms who aren’t artsy. Remember this:

Join Sabrina and Kym for TONS of ideas on homeschooling highschool when you don’t know everything!


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HSHSP Ep 114: How to Homeschool Highschool When You Don’t Know Everything

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