HSHSP Ep 116: What Are Levels in Homeschool High School?

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This week on HSHSP Ep 116: What Are Levels in Homeschool High School?

HSHSP Ep 116: What Are Levels in Homeschool High School?

HSHSP Ep 116: What Are Levels in Homeschool High School?

In life there are all kinds of levels in life, but we are interested in *levels* for the homeschool high school transcript.

What are levels in homeschool high school? Many moms tell us: “We didn’t have levels on transcripts when WE were in high school!”

That’s so very true….BUT levels have come into vogue on high school transcripts (in traditional high schools and in homeschool high schools). That’s because colleges want to know the level of rigor at which a teen’s core courses were completed. Teens should *level-up* in courses of strength, giftedness or interest. These should be rigorous and provide academic stretch.

Here is a brief explanation of levels and some links to help.

Level 1: Remedial

These are courses for teens with learning issues who cannot do average high school course work. These courses are completed using materials and experiences that are appropriate for the teen. Teens earn credit using Carnegie credit hours and earn a transcript and a high school diploma that should be noted: Developmental Diploma. Still valid and useful.

Level 2: Average

Most high schoolers are average. Don’t harbor guilt trips because your teens are average! God gave everyone varying gifts, average academians are just fine.

Average high school textbooks have shorter chapters than the College Prep textbooks, with simpler vocabulary, short problem sets and short reviews. Homeschool high schoolers can work on courses at average level in areas where this is appropriate. They earn credit for their courses and transcripts show: Level 2 beside the name of the course.

Level 3: College Preparatory

Most high school textbooks are written at College Prep level. There is some rigor but not at stay-up-all-night-working-level for most teens. Record these courses on the transcript as *Level 3*.

Level 4: Advanced

Advanced courses are rigorous. They look attractive to college admissions officers. Level 4 course credit is earn by completing a College Prep course PLUS .5 credit again, combined for ONE credit. This should be rigorous and an academic stretch. Record these with *Level 4* beside the course name on the homeschool transcript. Be sure to include a key or legend on the transcript that briefly explains how the level was earned.

Level 5: Honors, AP, College Courses

These are very rigorous courses. Level 5 courses are College prep course DOUBLED for ONE credit. Students who complete an AP course are doing Level 5 work. College courses are Level 5. Don’t just double the textbook, you can mix textbooks and logging Carnegie hours and reading real books. Check out the post below for more information.

Be sure on the homeschool transcript, you include a key that explains how levels are earned in your high schoolers courses.

7SistersHomeschool.com’s curriculum is design to be easily level-able and has been vetted for years by homeschool high schoolers. Check out the Literature Study Guides, Writing Guides, Psychology, Financial Literacy, World History, Human Development curricula and get busy leveling for the rigor that is appropriate for your teen.

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for a helpful discussion of levels on the homeschool transcript. AND check out these helpful posts.

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HSHSP Ep 116: What Are Levels in Homeschool High School

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