HSHSP Ep 119: Homeschooling Middle Schoolers Interview with Latonya Moore

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This week on HSHSP Ep 119: Homeschooling Middle Schoolers Interview with Latonya Moore.

HSHSP Ep 119: Homeschooling Middle Schoolers Interview with Latonya Moore

HSHSP Ep 119: Homeschooling Middle Schoolers Interview with Latonya Moore

Latonya Moore is a homeschooling mom in Tennessee. Trained as a teacher, she decided to homeschool her daughters after her first teaching experiences. She, along with her husband, decided that homeschooling would give her family a chance at their best lives. With just one year break, she’s been enjoying her ordinary homeschool life. Interestingly, although Latonya loves her ordinary life, she took that one year break when she began to question whether they were too *safe* in their homeschooling. They came back to it when the family decided that homeschooling was the adventure they truly wanted.

Latonya Moore, Joy in the Ordinary

Latonya Moore and daughters. Photo used with permission.

Latonya and her husband have 2 daughters. Their philosophy for middle school is the same as their elementary years: What

  • Be able to find information
  • Be confident
  • Be able to question themselves and make good choices
  • Have a good education
  • Enjoy lectures and read-alouds
  • Build thinking skills
  • Build conversational skills
  • Build independence (not needing to follow the crowd)
  • Explore interests

Her educational curriculum style is eclectic. She likes to use a variety of publishers so that all the bases are covered, since each publisher tends to cover topics from different angles in their core subjects.  Latonya remembers, there’s not ONE right way to homeschool. There’s not ONE right perspective.

We know that many homeschooled middle schooling parents feel pressure to hurry and start high school courses during middle school. Latonya reminds us: there is no rush. She asks her daughters which maths they want to take in middle school, they pray together, then she goes with that. Unless she sees her kids are solidly gifted in a certain subject, then she leans into the high school maths in middle school. Pretty cool idea!

On the other hand, she doesn’t have a problem with her children sometimes struggling with a course. Struggle builds strength in a loving environment.

Here’s a sweet video about Latonya’s upcoming retreat (when you register use coupon code: 7Sisters).

Latonya also teaches popular Outschool courses: Math and Art. Check out these live classes! (We aren’t affiliates, we just appreciate Latonya’s work.)

Latonya’s podcast Joy in the Ordinary.

Joy in the Ordinary Facebook Page

Joy in the Ordinary Facebook Community Group

Don’t miss Latonya’s refreshing, relaxtion retreat for homeschool moms: https://joyintheordinary.com/retreat/?rq=retreat.  Use coupon code for discount: 7Sisters

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HSHSP Ep 119: Homeschooling Middle Schoolers Interview with Latonya Moore

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