HSHSP Ep 134: How to Ask for College Recommendation Letters

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This week on HSHSP Ep 134: How to Ask for College Recommendation Letters.

HSHSP Ep 134: How to Ask for College Recommendation Letters Here's how to ask and receive a great recommendation!

HSHSP Ep 134: How to Ask for College Recommendation Letters

Even if you don’t have a college-bound teen OR your teen isn’t a senior yet, listen in on this episode. Vicki shares from experience from a couple of decades of writing hundreds of college-recommendation letters (and other favors for folks).

Step 1: Ask.

Don’t command: I need you to do something. Instead: Could you do me a favor? OR Could I impose on you for a favor? Then add: Please.

Step 2: Make it easy for the recommender to write the letter.

Give them a write-up of your accomplishments or special memories you have together that will make a good recommendation story. (Great recommendation stories are based on narratives, not just statements like: Sally is a great student.

Step 3: Provide the resources for sending that information.

If the recommendation is supposed to be a mailed letter, give a self-address, stamped envelope to the recommender. If it is an online recommendation, make sure they have any digital information they need such as what institution will send emails requesting information; whether they are a *recommender*, *teacher*, *advisor*, etc).

Step 4: Don’t be a cranky nag.

If the person is running late, ask if there’s anything you need to do to help.

Step 5: After the favor is done, say thank you.

You never know if you’ll ever need another favor, so leave a feeling of gratitude…don’t burn bridges. Remember, you may need a second favor. If you have been pushy or rude, your recommender may not be happy about helping out again.

Step 6: Return the favor.

This is not the same as buying a favor. It is a way to show appreciation. For instance: Make the *thank you* a written thank you note. Snail mailed. It is a powerful way to show appreciation.

If you had asked a big favor bring some cookies or some other show of appreciation.

Other notes:

  • Be sure to ask for the favor with plenty of time.
  • Be sure to ask in private (not in front of a bunch of people).

Join Vicki for a quick discussion on asking for college recommendation letters. You’ll enjoy this episode with more information on preparing for college. Also, enjoy these posts!

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HSHSP Ep 134: How to Ask for College Recommendation Letters

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