HSHSP Ep 154: Astronomy for Homeschool High School, Interview with Luke Gilkerson

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This week on HSHSP Ep 154: Astronomy for Homeschool High School, Interview with Luke Gilkerson.

HSHSP Ep 154: Astronomy for Homeschool High School. Luke Gilkerson of Experience Astronomy shares the benefits when studying Astronomy as homeschool science. #HomeschoolHighSchool #HomeschoolScience #AstronomyForHomeschoolHighSchool

HSHSP Ep 154: Astronomy for Homeschool High School, Interview with Luke Gilkerson

Homeschool high schoolers need lots of science on their transcripts. This includes Biology and Chemistry but they will also need 1 or 2 other sciences, according to their post-graduation goals. Many teens can really benefit from including Astronomy as one of those sciences.

Photo of Luke and wife, Trisha, used by permission.

Join us for an interview with Luke Gilkerson, of Experience Astronomy, as he explains the benefits of studying Astronomy:

  • Astronomy can be a whole-family project. It can be adapted for all ages.
  • Astronomy is real life! All you have to do is go outside and look at the sky (although, there is so much more teens can engage so that they get a meaningful Astronomy credit for the transcript).
  • Astronomy gives students a time to wonder at the glory of God. The feeling of awe that the night sky inspires is good for body and soul.
  • Astronomy is a lab science! It is available right out the door. (In fact, with Luke’s course, you don’t even need a telescope.)
  • Astronomy can be a science or an elective. Adapt it to either need on the transcript.
  • Astronomy could also be adapted as a history credit. Astronomy is historical. In the old days, the sky was people’s calendar and clock. Their lives were guided by it, so of course it became the source of some of their legends and myths.

Experience Astronomy (elementary or high school levels). High school level is 120-180 hours of work, taught by Luke recorded and online and live online, with integrated history and culture. The most important component is the *field portion* where students learn to read the sky like a map and record field notes and drawings. The course includes hands-on projects and some papers. It is a robust course for the homeschool transcript!

Study Astronomy with your family. Homeschool high schoolers can record a robust and meaningful credit. #HomeschoolHighSchoolPodcast

Join Vicki and Luke Gilkerson for our discussion of Astronomy. Check out Experience Astronomy’s courses (and their Biology class that is designed as a CLEP preparation course, too).

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HSHSP Ep 154: Astronomy for Homeschool High School, Interview with Luke Gilkerson

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