HSHSP Ep 23: What’s Included in Career Exploration?

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HSHSP Ep 23: What's Included in Career Exploration?HSHSP Ep 23: What’s Included in Career Exploration?

Career Exploration is a necessary life preparation course in highschool! (It may not be mandatory, but it certainly is important!)

Teens don’t need to know everything about the future when they graduate homeschool highschool- but they will be off to a MUCH better start if they have a sense of direction!

That sense of direction comes from knowing themselves and looking for God’s guidance. That’s what Career Exploration is all about!

Join Vicki and Kym as they share about their work with homeschool highschoolers on the Career Exploration journey in this week’s Homeschool Highschool Podcast: What’s Included in Career Exploration?


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