HSHSP Ep 33: What Testing? Why Testing?

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What Testing? Why Testing? HSHSP Ep 33Got tests?

Stressed about the SATs? PSATs? What about the PSAT 10 or even PSAT 8/9?

How about those ACTs?

Must your teens take these exams? 

Should they go for an AP, CLEP or SAT Subject Test?

What other tests might there be lurking about?

Why would your teen take these exams- or why not? It’s enough to make a stressed homeschool mom’s head swim (not to mention your homeschool highschooler)!

Join Vicki and Kym for an honest chat about the types of tests out there for homeschool highschoolers and whether or not they must take one (or more) of them.




How to Create a Master Portfolio for Homeschool High School Student


Should My Homeschooler Take the PSAT?

Progressive Relaxation Breathing Exercises:

Mindfulness Exercise: Progressive Relaxation



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