HSHSP Ep 56: Filmmaking Elective: Simple Tips for Novices

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Filmmaking Elective: Simple Tips for NovicesHSHSP Ep 56: Filmmaking Elective: Simple Tips for Novices

Need a terrific elective for your homeschool co-op?

Have a teen who is always fiddling with videos on his/her smartphone?

Want to add some great elective SPARKLE to your homeschool highschoolers’ transcripts?

A Filmmaking elective can be just what you need!

Join Sabrina and her independent filmmaker son, Sam, as they discuss the simple but fun how-to’s of creating a Filmmaking elective for the homeschool transcript. Sam first started making films during his homeschool highschool days when he was part of the local homeschool Cinematography Club. Now he teaches Filmmaking to local homeschool highschoolers.

Don’t miss this week’s episode for lots of simple tips for novice filmmakers!

How to Create Filmmaking Elective in Homeschool High School Co-op

Homeschool High School Extracurriculars: Cinematography




  1. I am preparing to teach a Filmmaking class at our homeschool co-op. This information is so helpful! Is there a podcast on the screenwriting that you referenced? Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Diana,
    You’re going to LOVE doing filmmaking in co-op!
    Here is a blog post that might point you in the direction you want:
    Related topic: https://7sistershomeschool.com/hshsp-145-using-movies-for-educational-purposes/

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