HSHSP Ep 85: Healthily Handling Homeschool Mean-Moms with Melanie Wilson

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This week on HSHSP Ep 85: Healthily Handling Homeschool Mean-Moms an interview with Melanie Wilson!

HSHSP Ep 85: Healthily Handling Homeschool Mean-Moms

HSHSP Ep 85: Healthily Handling Homeschool Mean-Moms with Melanie Wilson

Anyone that is involved in life with humans is going to run into a person who is so broken that they behave in unkind ways.

Join us for a wisdom-packed, grace-filled episode with Dr. Melanie Wilson. Melanie is a Christian psychologist turned homeschool mom. She is the popular host of Homeschool Sanity podcast, PsychoWith6.com, weekly Facebook lives, and periscope visits.

Dr. Melanie Wilson

Do your teens participate in homeschool groups, Sunday school, youth groups, league sports or dance classes, choirs, community service organizations? If so, they are likely at some point to run into a “mean-mom” or “mean-dad”. The world is full of people in pain, who react out of their pain and hurt those around them.

  • How do we handle situations that will arise?
  • How do we model Christ-like graciousness and healthy assertiveness in these tough moments?

Here are a few of the wise tips that Dr. Wilson shared:

  1. Calm down!
  2. Pray and ask a wise friend to pray with you. Talk to your spouse.
  3. Recognize your own feelings.
  4. Sleep on it.
  5. If it has to do with your child, talk to you child about. Balance what you heard from the “mean mom” and what your child says.
  6. Listen with grace to everyone.
  7. Be an “empathic investigator”: gather information in as balanced manner as possible, but remember “eyewitness reports” are notoriously flawed.
  8. Come up with the best theory about what happened that you can.
  9. Keep in mind: What is the goal of my investigation? What is the result we want to see?
  10. For EVERYONE involved: Relationship is more important than “rules”. Relationship is more important than “right”. It is okay to disagree, how will you move forward in front of your teens.
  11. Know when it is best to remove your teen from the contentious situation.
  12. Remember grace!

Join Dr. Melanie Wilson, Vicki and Kym for a powerful discussion on handling homeschool mean-moms. AND keep your eye out for Melanie’s upcoming book: Handling Difficult People.

In the meantime, visit Homeschool Sanity Podcast on Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network, PsychoWith6.com, Melanie’s Facebook Lives.

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HSHSP Ep 85: Healthily Handling Homeschool Mean-Moms with Melanie Wilson

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