HSHSP Ep 87: Help for Homeschool Working Moms with Stacey Lane

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This week on HSHSP Ep 87: Help for Homeschool Working Moms with Stacey Lane.

HSHSP Ep 87 Homeschool Working Moms with Stacey Lane

HSHSP Ep 87: Help for Homeschool Working Moms with Stacey Lane

Many homeschool moms are also “working moms”.

Now, we know that ALL homeschool moms are working moms, but today we’re discussing having a paying job. Our friend, Stacey Lane of LayeredSoul.com is one of those kind of working moms.

Stacey Lane from LayeredSoul.com

Stacey is customer service representative for Bright Ideas Press, as well as caregiving for her disabled husband and homeschooling her kids. (Her 2 oldest are homeschool graduates and currently in college.) She also picks up cleaning jobs and cooks for 70 people each Wednesday night at church.

When we asked how she juggles all Stacey talks about the importance of being a willow tree rather than an oak tree, because willow trees are flexible.

Join Vicki, Kym and Stacey for a delightful conversation about work/homeschool/service/life balance with her brilliant tips like:

You’ll have fun with this episode, even if you’re not a work-for-pay homeschool mom! In the meantime, enjoy some of her fun posts!










HSHSP Ep 87: Help for Homeschool Working Moms with Stacey Lane

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  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout for UpKeep, Stacey!! And thanks for calling us out! You rock! Let us know if there’s anything we can ever help out with

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