What Will You Teach Your Kids About Human Evolution?

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Hey, homeschoolers! I had the opportunity to talk with my good friend, Dr. Carl Werner, for this episode. He is an expert in evolution who has devoted decades of his life to examining the evidence for evolution. His most recent book is about human evolution. The evidence he has amassed is stunning. Now more than ever I believe we have to share his work with our kids. Here’s my chat with Carl.

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Episode Summary

In this episode, Melanie Wilson interviews Dr. Carl Werner about the topic of human evolution. They discuss the assumption of human evolution and the evidence presented in museums and educational institutions. Dr. Werner shares his personal journey from believing in evolution to skepticism and the research he conducted to uncover the truth about ape men fossils. He exposes the fraud and errors associated with famous fossils like Neanderthal Man and Lucy. Dr. Werner emphasizes the importance of educating children about the flaws in the theory of human evolution and provides resources for further exploration.

How to Give Your Kids Confidence in Creation

The Grand Experiment: Dr. Werner’s website

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