I Deserve a Donut After All That Homeschooling with Barb Raveling

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holiday overeating, healthy eating during the holidays

Barb Raveling Photo I count it as a great blessing to have met Barb Raveling online. When she asked me to review her book, I Deserve a Donut, I didn’t know what to expect. I have read dozens of “diet” books and have written about overcoming overeating myself. To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement!

Barb offers wisdom on this subject that is a challenge for so many of us in a peaceful, practical way. In my interview with her, she shares:

  • What truth journaling is and how it changed her life
  • What makes I Deserve a Donut different from other “diet” books
  • Several lies that keep us overeating
  • How her friend lost over 100 pounds
  • How this approach to weight loss works even if you give in to temptation
  • How to prevent overeating during the holidays

Scriptures mentioned: 2 Corinthians 10:5, Romans 12:2

You won’t want to miss Barb’s guest post: 8 Lies That Lead to Holiday Weight Gain. While you’re reading, be sure to enter to win a copy of I Deserve a Donut at Psychowith6 (you can also buy it on Amazon) and check out Barb’s blog. You’ll be blessed!


  1. Loved this, Barb and Melanie! What a very practical way to renew your mind. Most people don’t even think about many areas of our lives (such as eating) in terms of the spiritual dimensions, but we’ve got to break down those lies and answer them with truth.

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