IAHE F.A.Q.s for New Homeschool Families – Part Two

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New homeschool parents are full of questions!

We’re back for a second episode featuring some of the IAHE’s most Frequently Asked Questions.

Special Guest

Stacy Hanaway is a homeschool mom and IAHE volunteer. Stacy is part of a volunteer team of moms across the state of Indiana that answer phone calls to help new parents find their way. Stacy and her husband Jason also serve as Regional Representatives and serve homeschool families in their own community in NE Indiana.

Some of the issues we’re talking about in today’s episode include:

  • What do Regional Representatives do?
  • What are the different learning styles?
  • How do I find a support group?
  • Are there studies that show the success of homeschooling?
  • When do I become a homeschool expert?

Do you have questions? Leave us a comment below!

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Do you have questions about starting homeschooling?
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