Ideas for Using New AI Tools in Canva

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Ideas for Using New AI Tools in Canva

252: Ideas for Using New AI Tools in Canva

Rebecca Brinkman from Rose and Bird unpacks some of the new AI tools in Canva. Rebecca was the guest on episode 210 – Taking Holiday Photos with Storytelling in Mind and 227 – Why all teens should learn Canva

All the tools available in Magic Studio and what they do

● Magic Edit (free) – Use the brush to select part of a photo and then use text to describe
what you want to regenerate to take that objects place
● Magic Design (free) – Generates images, clip art and videos (using Runway but only 5
credits available). Access in the Elements panel where it says “AI Image Generator.”
● Magic Write (available in free version but requires the use of a credit each time you use
it) – Text generation similar to ChatGPT.
● Magic Animate – applies different combinations of text and object animations to a design
or template with choices for different options.
● Magic Switch – similar to a tool Pro Canva has had for a while where you can resize from
one format – like a square Instagram post – to another size like for a Facebook post. The
resize part of it has expanded into all of the media forms and sizes they have available.
They have also added other tools inside this that will translate your text to another
language, convert your design to a doc for a summary, blog post and even song lyrics.
● Magic Morph – use this to convert text into dynamic shapes and forms.
● Magic Media – text to image and text to video generator similar to Midjourney.
● Magic Grab – makes it possible to select one element in a photo and move it to another
spot in the image or remove it altogether.
● Magic Expand – using generative AI to expand your image on one side.

Rebecca goes into detail on how to use the two free AI tools.

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Ideas for Using New AI Tools in Canva

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