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When was the last time your Independence Day Fun turned into something memorable for the entire family? It does not have to be a huge...Independence Day Fun ~ Episode 470

When was the last time your Independence Day Fun turned into something memorable for the entire family? It does not have to be a huge party but with these simple ideas, you can celebrate rain or shine.

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When the children were younger the first thing was to talk about Independence Day and what it means to our country. We discuss the brave men and women who stood for their ideals over insurmountable odds. We take pride in being Americans and all that it brings to us, and for that, we are thankful and pray. Nothing in life comes without a cost.

Are you ready for a fun day of celebration? I am and I love the idea of spending it with my family in my own backyard! Don’t have a backyard? You can improvise and still have fun. As long as you celebrate with family and friends, it will be a celebration. My favorite party ideas are ones that do not break the bank and are simple to implement.

The children enjoyed decorating and we made it a project to start ahead of time. Using red, white, and blue construction paper we cut strips and made a celebration chain. It was fun to create and put up for all to enjoy (cheap and it could either be dismantled and saved for another year) or it could be thrown away. I also shopped for red-white-and-blue plates, cups, and tablecloths. I love to reuse tablecloths from year to year so I purchase cloth that can be washed. Most stains come out quickly. I forgo the colored paper napkins because they never seem to work well.

Make a plan with the kids to set up events for those attending. Are you a party family? Do you like to play games? If the weather is nice you can play outdoor games such as the family favorite croquet. There are all types of fun games. Once my kids went to college they introduced all of the fun games they played such as trampoline slam (I think that is the name), bottle bash, and more. If you look up outdoor family games online you will see many. I also learned something that was money-saving, I opted to purchase returned, open box, or damaged box games. If there are pieces missing you can still return the set (if you leave yourself enough time) but the savings are substantial.

If the weather is nice and you have space consider a slip and slide as well as a sprinkler set up for the little kids. Even though we have a pool the little kids enjoy these things better. Also, assign one or two adults to watch the kids. This is very important and be sure to take turns.

Now for the real fun. That means a cookout!

When we think about a party we usually start with a day, a time, and then jump right into the food. If I gave you a blank sheet of paper and asked you to write down some foods that signify the 4th of July party what would it be?

Here is my short list:

Independence Day Fun – Food List:

  1. Corn on the cob
  2. Hotdogs
  3. Hamburgers
  4. Ribs
  5. Grilled chicken
  6. Coleslaw
  7. Potato salad
  8. Tossed Salad
  9. Chips
  10. Dips
  11. Fresh veggies
  12. Grilled sausages
  13. Grilled veggies
  14. Kabobs (meat or veggies)
  15. Cookies
  16. Pie
  17. Ice-Cream (homemade)
  18. Lemonade and Ice-Tea

Does anything on this list sound good to you? More than likely we will grill chicken and bake ribs (I like them better in the oven, but my husband likes them on the grill, so I give him some to grill as well!) We will more than likely stick to the sides I listed above and probably throw in some hotdogs for those picky little ones. I will use paper plates and cups to cut down on cleaning and the family loves homemade ice cream. You will need an ice cream churn but there are lots of great recipes. The one I used is passed down from my husband’s grandmother and you cook the pudding-like mix and refrigerate it overnight. On the day of the party, I add half-and-half and vanilla extract and churn. We offer toppings but most people like it plain.

Once the food and fun begin to wind down it is time for fireworks! We are blessed to have neighbors who spare no expense and in years past we would sit outdoors (bug spray handy, we use Neem Oil which is great, or DoTerra Terra Shield. I buy this in bulk. Here is more information.

The best time is spent with family creating memories and I pray for you to have a very safe, blessed, and happy Independence Day!


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