How To Teach Kids To Cook Independently

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In this podcast episode, Melanie Wilson interviews Chanel Miller, a homeschooling mom, about her journey and her new cookbook for kids called Kid De Cuisine. Chanel shares that she homeschools her three daughters and explains how the idea of homeschooling began during the pandemic when her daughters were in pre-K. She wanted to be more hands-on with their education and spend quality family time together.

The conversation then shifts to discussing Chanel’s cookbook, which is designed to teach kids to cook independently. Chanel’s cookbook is unique because it comes with measuring cups and spoons that are color-coded to match the recipes, making it easy for young children to follow along. The cookbook also includes stories before each recipe to facilitate parent-child interaction, review sessions, fun tidbits, and activity pages.

Melanie and Chanel discuss the importance of allowing kids to be in the kitchen and start with simple tasks before gradually adding more complex cooking skills. Chanel emphasizes the value of creating memories and spending quality time with kids in the kitchen. The cookbook includes recipes that can be completed in about 30 minutes, including setup and cleanup, making it accessible for busy parents.

Chanel mentions that the cookbook is available for pre-order on their website,, and offers various incentives for pre-orders. She also shares that she plans to release two more children’s books after this one, each dedicated to one of her daughters, with a focus on breakfast, lunch, or dessert recipes.

The podcast episode ends with Melanie expressing her appreciation for Chanel’s cookbook and its potential as an educational and memorable gift for children. Chanel thanks Melanie for the opportunity to share her work and hopes that listeners will enjoy the cookbook as much as she enjoyed creating it.

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  1. I am so happy that I came across this episode. I always believe that cooking is an art and it should be taught to children from a young age so that they can grasp this valuable skill and keep it for their entire life. Awesome content!

  2. I’m actually going to bookmark this and watch the episode. I’m really trying to come up with more ways to get my son involved in the kitchen so he can start making some things independently.

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