Inexpensive Graduation Ideas On The Cheap

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Inexpensive Graduation Ideas | Homeschooling families can benefit from frugal ideas for graduation | graduation on the cheap #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #graduationideas #inexpensivegraduationideasInexpensive Graduation Ideas On The Cheap with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis – Podcast 196

We have inexpensive graduation ideas on the cheap – are you ready? Have you started your high school graduation party plans yet? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Inexpensive graduation ideas are our specialty. Meredith has graduated five children and Felice five and two from college, so between them, they have quite an arsenal of ideas that you can implement even if you waited until the last minute. Grab your notepad and listen in.

Graduation Party Ideas Here 

We enjoy hosting parties so it is no wonder that this podcast is a labor of love for both of us. With such large families, parties can be pricey so we want to be sure we that we can enjoy the fun without going over budget. Some of these ideas are often used for other parties and hosting friends. You can join in with other families to reduce the price.

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Show Notes: Inexpensive Graduation Ideas On The Cheap

  1. Location: churches, park, church fellowship hall, party at home
  2. Invitations – VistaPrint, at home computer
  3. Food
  4. Decorations
  5. Personal Touch

We discussed deciding on the type of graduation you want, planning the type of graduation early, and saving up money. Pray about the type of graduation that is right for you. Include your teens as well.

More great ideas

  • Food -finger foods – fun: candy bars – ice cream with toppings
  • Open house – visiting times staggers friends
  • Photo booth with props for teens
  • Personal touch – poster boards, items important to the teen



  1. We are holding our son’s graduation at a park that is mid way between where we moved to last year and where we moved from. The reason is because he wanted the friends he left to be able to come. At the new school, he has been rather recluse, so this was important for him. As far as invitations for both the graduation and the party, I make all of them using Vista Print. I used this company when I did my wedding announcements years ago and menus so naturally wanted to go back, I think it is more from the heart than ordering something for $200 that usually goes in a closet somewhere like mine did let’s say in 1993. So park shelter for $180 opposed to $500 venue, also saved on invitations both for $28.00 instead of $200 +, then I am making cupcakes instead of ordering a huge cake- his choice. We are making the usual grill out foods with some extras. We have the shelter at the park from 10:00 am until sunset, so that is wonderful. We have the balloons and the table cloths and so many other things to make this a hit while saving some money.


    • Oh I do want to say that a lot of thought is going into this, from the paper lanterns and balloons to the table cloths (white and one smaller that will go on side ways checkered white/green. We will have metal pails with flowers on them with citronella candles all around. We have a huge 28 ” in diameter pan that will be filled with ice to hold soft drinks, and then we have two self serve , dispensers or containers we bought last year for our oldest son’s graduation for the lemonade and iced tea. We did his graduation in chalkboard and burlap, this year, we are using our second oldest’ s school colors of green and white.. It’s not that we are being cheap we are being frugal with the money; cost effective. In two years our daughter will graduate, and this year, in the fall, our son Landen who is graduating will be starting college to become a meteorologist.

      • mediaangels says

        Tracey! What fabulous ideas, this is so great. My youngest graduates this year so I love your chalkboard and burlap idea!

    • mediaangels says

      I’ve used that printing company as well! Great advice, Tracey thanks for taking the time to share this with all of us, I know all our families need to budget for these parties. And what a great idea to include past and present friends!

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