How to Intentionally Connect with Your Children with Graeme Pitman

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How to Intentionally Connect with Your Children - Image provided by Pitman PhotographyOOOOOHHHH, I love the show this week. Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Graeme Pitman, creative director of The Circe Institute. As I have watched his social media accounts, I have giggled and sat in amazement at the connecting moments he has had with his three young children. I thought it would be fun to have Graeme on the show and talk about his family and the way they make the everyday moments matter.

In this episode, Graeme Pitman shares that time does matter in parenting and that quality time requires quantity time. When I watched the video of Graeme and his son Rowan talking about Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, I was thrilled to witness a beautiful conversation where a child was invited to share his honest thoughts and interpretation of the story. I asked Graeme to tell us why he made this inspiring video.

One of my favorite posts on Graeme’s Instagram account was that of his daughter belly laughing. I enjoyed imagining the conversation that occurred in their home to cause such a grand laugh. Even though his life looks picturesque on social media, Graeme assures me that they are not a fairy tale family. He insists they are just a mom and dad trying to relax and enjoy the journey.

Visit Graeme’s site to learn more about his gifts as a photographer and creative director.

How to Intentionally Connect with Your Children with Graeme Pitman - Image provided by Pitman Photography


I hope you make time to connect with your kids today!!

You’ve got this!

**Above Photography provided by Graeme Pitman – Pitman Photography.

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