Interview with Elsie Iudicello from FARMHOUSE SCHOOLHOUSE

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It has been two years since I first met Elsie from Farmhouse Schoolhouse. Since then, she has become an Instagram and blogging rock star! When I read her post, Why We Said Yes, I teared up reading how Elsie found us at FPEA (Florida Parent-Educators Association) and why she chose to buy our curriculum. Since then, she has written several more blog posts about learning through play and I have cried buckets of tears… so grateful that she has so beautifully implemented our program and understood our vision for childhood.

As we prepared to attend FPEA this year, I knew I wanted to sit down with her and talk about her homeschooling journey. Elsie attended with one of her older sons and I enjoyed chatting with the both of them. I asked Elsie about her homeschooling journey, her philosophy of education and the story behind the Farmhouse Schoolhouse phenomenon.

If you need encouragement for your long days as a mom/homeschooler, check out Elsie’s blog and find her on Instagram at Farmhouse_Schoolhouse.

Find a way to #sayyes today.

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