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Soft Skills 101: Life Skills for a Digital Age

Welcome to Soft Skills 101: Life Skills for a Digital Age, sponsored by the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network and True North Homeschool Academy! My name is Lisa Nehring and I will be your host, with regular appearances by my husband, Dr. David Nehring. Together we have homeschooled our 5 kids for the past 27 years, and are passionately committed to resourcing and connecting fellow homeschoolers and Christians with the tools and resources necessary to navigate a complex world in need of a Savior.  Listen in as we share a little about ourselves in this introductory audio!

Each month we will focus on a particular soft skill, including the “4 C’s of Education*” such as

  • Team work/ Collaboration*
  • Integrity
  • Critical thinking*
  • Creativity*
  • Work Ethic
  • Leadership Skills
  • Time & Distraction Management Skills
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Communication*

It’s a well-known adage in the business world that you are hired for your hard skills and fired for your soft skills. It might be a well-known adage, but what exactly are hard and soft skills?

  • Hard skills are easily measurable and quantifiable skills, such as welding or heart surgery.
  • Soft skills are the personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively, harmoniously and productively with other people.

Over the course of each month we will:

  • Define specific aspects of the soft skill we are focusing on
  • Dive deep into how to implement these skills in your own life
  • Offer practical tips, helps, curriculum and books.
  • Interview guest experts and learn from those who are implementing these skills in their own lives.
  • Provide you with show notes that equip you with awesome resources

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