Introducing the summer series: Techie Homeschooled Teens

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Techie Homeschooled Teens

134: Introducing the SummerSeries: Techie Homeschooled Teens

During June and July, I will be interviewing a number of techie homeschooled teens. They will share about what they are doing using a wide range of technology – game-making, app creation, T-shirt designs, video creation, cybersecurity, and more.

In this episode I share what my own children did as teens:

  • built their own computers
  • fixed computers
  • created movies for high school graduations and choir tour – sold them
  • created websites
  • laid out a recipe book
  • theatre posters (used Gimp, Adobe Photoshop)
  • used Google drawings for stage layout
  • took senior photos and edited them
  • took photos for products on a website
  • did sound at church and for weddings
  • created Youtube channels
  • eBay / Amazon reseller
  • blogged
  • Stop Motion Animation

If your teens need help with their tech skills, consider FundaFunda Academy’s Computer Applications online class that covers how to use many different computer applications.

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Techie Homeschooled Teens

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