“Is this okay?” How to know if a game or app is safe for your child

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How to Know if a Game or App is Safe for Your Child

128: “Is this okay?” How to know if a game or app is safe for your child with Lisa Honold

Guest Lisa Honald provides guidelines in this episode to help us decide if a game or app is safe for our child.

Lisa is a cyber safety educator and director of the Center for Online Safety. She teaches parents and school leaders how to keep kids safe online with simple and respectful strategies to help set healthy limits on screens and technology.

Lisa’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the 2019-2020 Washington State School Director’s Association conference, and dozens of podcasts, workshops, and presentations. Her popular online course, The Family Tech Reset course, teaches parents how to set healthy limits on technology while teaching kids how to develop their own internal compass.

Her process for parents is called the Five Steps to YES (or no) and you can download a free resource that takes you through these steps (see link in 3.a. below).

1. Start with your values

2. Do some research on your own. A useful website is Commonsense Media.

3. Ask your child to research it and prepare to “sell it”

4 Set up a time to talk about it and decide:

5 Trial basis yes – If trial basis yes, revisit the decision in a week

You can find Lisa at the Center for Online Safety and on Facebook.

A free copy of the Five Steps to YES handout can be accessed here.


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How to Know if a Game or App is Safe for your Child

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