Is Writing Proficiency still important in the AI era?

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Writing Proficiency in an AI Era

Episode 281: Is Writing Proficiency Still Important in the AI Era?

Guest Jennie Miller, English Teacher at FundaFunda Academy, shares her thoughts on the relevance of writing proficiency in the AI era.

Jennie’s Classes:

  • Freshman English: An introductory high school English class focused on learning how to write academically and analyze classic and contemporary literature
  • American Literature: A look at 400 years of American history through the lens of prominent writers and thinkers
  • British Literature: A survey of works and ideas starting in Anglo-Saxon England through the Postmodern Era
  • Senior English: An independent English course that focuses on high stakes themes, reflective writing, and the overall impact of storytelling

Key Discussion Points:

  1. The Importance of Writing Skills:
    • Writing proficiency is still essential despite advancements in AI.
    • Writing fosters critical thinking and deeper understanding of complex issues.
    • Learning to write helps students articulate thoughts and opinions effectively.
  2. Concerns About AI in Writing:
    • AI can produce factually incorrect information.
    • Over-reliance on AI can hinder the development of critical thinking and essay structure skills.
    • Mastery of writing involves understanding MLA format and following detailed instructions.
  3. The Value of Traditional Writing Education:
    • Organic learning and the struggle of writing are crucial for intellectual growth.
    • Writing helps students learn to express themselves and develop a personal voice.
    • Personal experiences and stories in writing are irreplaceable by AI.
  4. Real-Life Applications:
    • Writing skills are essential for professional communication, such as emails and reports.
    • Critical thinking and the ability to articulate thoughts verbally are enhanced through writing practice.
  5. Teaching Strategies:
    • Encourage students to write independently and resist the temptation to use AI for assignments.
    • Parents should discuss the importance of writing with their children and monitor their work.
    • Teachers need to be aware of students’ writing styles to detect discrepancies indicating AI use.


  • Writing proficiency remains critical in the AI era for developing critical thinking and effective communication skills.
  • Parents and educators should emphasize the importance of learning to write independently

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