36- The Free Market, ISIS & Obama

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TerrorismIn this action packed show – Episode 36

We discuss ISIS and the issues surrounding the current president’s refusal to address address the terrorism issues head-on. The show also recaps captialism with a more through analysis — building on the last show here.

Show Notes:

Review Capitalism/Free Market

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3:  To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;

Capitalism vs Socialism

Economic Recovery?

How can government stimulate small business growth, simple, tax cuts and deregulation.

SOU – middle class economics

Obama 2016 budget, $4 Trillion! ….

  • $2.4 trillion spending increase
  • $2.1 trillion tax increase
  • $8.5 trillion national debt

Federal judge temporarily blocks Obama’s immigration executive action

A federal judge has granted a request by 26 states to temporarily block President Obama’s executive action on illegal immigration, allowing a lawsuit aimed at permanently stopping the orders to make its way through the courts.

The media “throws knives” for Scot Walker

Obama policy on Terrorism Back in the News

Breaking News:  45 Iraqi security troops murdered by burning


21 Coptic Christians murdered in Egypt

Last six years:

  1. Arab Spring 2010 to present
  2. Benghazi
  3. Red Line
  4. Syria – opportunity ignored
  5. Iran and nukes
  6. ISIS – “JV team”
  7. Russia and Putin – open mike blunder

Critics:  Top brass in Pentagon:

  • Leon Panetta – former Obama CIA Director
  • Bob Gates – former Obama Secretary of Defense,
  • Gen Jack Keene – four-star general and Vice Chief of Staff of the United US Army
  • Dennis Ross, Former Mideast negotiator
  • General Mike Flynn – Retired US Army lieutenant general, served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he says, “you cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists. How can you defeat an enemy if you don’t identify them?”
  • Many More

ISIS/ISIL – Islamic State in Iraq, Syria and many other nations!

  •  Are air strikes working?  ISIS Affiliates In (addition to Syria and Iraq):
  • ·       Saudi Arabia
  • ·       Iran
  • ·       Algeria
  • ·       Lybia
  • ·       Yemen
  • ·       Jordan
  • ·       Afghanistan
  • ·       Pakistan
  • ·       Nigeria
  • ·       Somalia
  • ·       That’s 12 countries so far …will continue to plant affiliates

ISIS Crisis:

  • ISIS attacks Ala Sahd ….US marines
  • ISIS waging a holy war against Christians?
  • Is it good policy to tell your enemy what you plan to do?
  • Kayla Mueller – four Americans now murdered
  • Sickening video surfaced showing black-clad jihadists marching 21 Coptic (Egyptian) Christians to a beach to be beheaded. TWO WAVES OF EGYPTIAN AIRSTRIKES attacked ISIS militants in neighboring Libya, killed 64 militants ….destroyed  training camps and weapons caches a day after Obama speaks of media hype
  • In -The -Know Consensus: the threat from Muslim fanatics is growing and Obama admin does not have an effective srategy to deal with it

AUMF – Authorization to Use Military Force was requested:

Vague and non-specific language:

  • THREE-YEAR limit?
  • All necessary and appropriate steps to defeat the enemy?
  • Would impose ban on enduring ground combat operations?
  • Would not impose geographic restrictions?
  • Democrats worry that it gives the president too much discretion to use ground troops to fight an open-ended war.
  • Republicans have the opposite concern, believing that proposal’s ban on “enduring offensive ground operations” is too restrictive.
  • Some believe that a new AUMF is not necessary …operations against terror are authorized by the 2002 AUMF


Obama “Mispeaks,” or Gaffes?

  • ISIS is a media phenomenon because they over-hype
  • Compare his responsibility to a big city mayor trying to stop crime?!
  • ISIS is not Islamic??
  • Comparing ISIS to Christians
  • Yemen embassy closed (National Prayer Breakfast)
  • Global warming greater threat than terrorism



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