It Only Takes an Hour – An Interview with Three15 founder, Mandy Moseley

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It Only Takes An Hour - Selfcare with Three 15 Founder Mandy Mosely

This week is extra special because I get to share my baby sister with my podcasting family. Ya’ll, I love her so much and I can’t believe that she is all grown up and shaking up the fitness world in Birmingham, Alabama. Actually, I can totally believe it, she was meant for a time such as this. Mandy Moseley is a rock star when it comes to fitness. She has always had a passion for healthy eating and a commitment to a workout routine. She studied nutrition at the University of Alabama and has taught fitness classes for over twenty years. Last year she decided to pursue her dream and open a fitness studio in Birmingham. A year later, she is opening up a second studio and working on a franchise option for the public. Did I mention that she is a wife and mom to four pretty incredible children?

In this week’s podcast, Mandy shares her thoughts about finding time for yourself. Yes, we have talked about this before, but Mandy brings some fresh ideas to the subject. We had a lot of fun recording this episode and I know you are really going to enjoy listening. Don’t forget to check out Mandy’s website and follow her on Instagram. Her post will encourage you to get your fitness on and more importantly, chase your dreams!

Mandy Moseley

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Say YES and have a great week!!!


Say YES and have a great week!!!

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