Special Replay | Best of HIRL Christmas Series: Jesus vs. Santa

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Does Santa have any place in the celebration of Christmas? If you listen to some homeschoolers talk about it, event the mention of Santa Claus associated with Christmas will land you in the “loner’s corner” of your co-op. Yet, others celebrate good ol’ jolly Santa Claus right next to the baby Jesus. There is also a third category of homeschoolers (like Fletch) who enjoy stirring the pot and cracking off remarks like: “You know…if you rearrange the letters in Santa…it spells S-A-T-A-N.” Fletch can be cheeky that way!

Where does that leave us?

Should we allow Santa to have a seat at the Christmas table or should he and Rudolph be hidden high up on the shelf with that pesky elf?

With sleighbells ringing and all the yuletide they can muster, Fletch and Kendra sit down for an open, honest discussion about the celebration of Christmas and answer the question: What should Christian homeschooling parents do with Santa Claus at Christmas? Tune in and join them for a fun and lively debate on this edition of HomeschoolingIRL.



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Prodigal God by Timothy Keller
Hope Shifting by Jim Applegate
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Music clips used on this episode:
Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley – Go buy it on iTunes
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – Willie Nelson – Go buy it on iTunes

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