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Joyful Kids | This is an episode just for kids! Can you be joyful? Do you think someone would say, "There are those joyful kids again!" No, well in this episode I am going to show you some special things about joy and how you can be joyful each and every day.| #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #homeschool #joyandkids #joyfulkids #kidsandjoy #joy #childrenattitudesJoyful Kids – Yes, This Means You! Episode 418

This is an episode just for kids! Can you be joyful? Do you think someone would say, “There are those joyful kids again!” No, well in this episode I am going to show you some special things about joy and how you can be joyful each and every day. If you want to give your parents the best present every no matter what time of the year it is, this is an important podcast to listen to!

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Some people are naturally happy, and this might or might not be you. But, wouldn’t it be nice if people thought of you as a happy person? Do you know any people that are happy or seem like they are happy? What makes someone happy? Let’s think about this.

  1. You get something you want.
  2. You get your own way.
  3. You get to have a special food you like to eat.
  4. You do not have to do school work or homework.
  5. You get to do a hobby or something fun that you like to do.

I am sure you can add to this list but this is enough to get you started. Did you notice that all of these things, one through five are all about you. What is in it for me is a pretty selfish way of living your life, and that is why people are so miserable and not joyful. When things are all about you and not others it is difficult to have joy in your life because we can always find something wrong – something we did not get or something that did not turn out as well as we would have liked it to!

What are some of the things that make you joyful or another word for joy can be happy, but joy I believe is a deeper sense of happiness. Here is why.

Did you know that joy is a choice. You can either decide you want to be joyful or not. You can say, “Wow, today I don’t want to be upset or mad and I am going to choose to be joyful.” Does that work? You may be thinking no, but it does! You can choose to be miserable or joyful. It is as easy as that. And, I am going to show you what I mean.

First, if you have our joyful planner that will help. It is freely available in the month of December if your parents are on our mailing list, but if not your parents can find it on my website. That will help you, but here are some things I am talking about.

    1. When you wake up decide to smile. Yes, it is that easy. Put a smile on your face. Maybe you do not smile often so you may want to practice this in front of a mirror. You don’t want to scare people in your family by showing your teeth without a grin!
    2. Say something nice to others. Maybe you don’t know what to say, so practice. You can say, “Your hair looks nice,” or “Can I help you with anything today,” (This might be something dangerous if your mom or dad is eating something–it might cause them to choke if it is not something you say often, so use caution when saying this! And, yes I am kidding!) Think. What can you say that is nice to someone. It can be a compliment or an offer to help.
    3. Help without being asked. Would you believe this will bring joy to your life? Just doing something kind for someone else is payment enough. If you can do it without expecting praise that is even better!

Did you notice numbers 1-3 are all about other people? Being kind, smiling at others, being helpful. All about other people and that is the key to happiness and joy. People who give of their time and talents are much more joyful than those who are selfish. Yes, this is true and I am sure it is a statistic somewhere. Truthfully if you get in the habit of smiling at those in your family you will find that they can’t help to smile back at you.

This is just the beginning of deciding that you will be happy and find something each and every day to be thankful for. Each day you can find something, some little thing to be thankful about. Look at your family and start there. Some people do not have families and some people have even less than you do.  Yes, somewhere in the world this is true. The most important things in your life are free. The air we breathe and the joy that a smile brings to the heart of someone sad or lonely. These are things you can do, starting today.

What else can you add to this list on being joyful and choosing joy each day? Are there joyful kids in your home? I am sure if you start this trend you will find that others in your family will also choose joy! I pray this happens in your own life.

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