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Does your homeschool group have a hard time getting volunteers? Maybe you need to keep meetings to a minimum since homeschoolers are busy people. Homeschool leader Michele Gross shares some great tips on keeping meetings to a minimum but still staying in communication. Michele has been a homeschool leader for 15 years and currently is the founder and director of The Learning Connection in New Jersey.

In this episode of the HomeschoolCPA podcast, Carol Topp will share:

  • Keep meetings to a minimum. Time is precious to homeschool leaders.
  • Using apps like Trello (a To Do list), GroupMe and email forums to communicate
  • Use conference calls for urgent matters. is an option.
  • Use an incentive to recruit volunteers. Michele and Carol have a few ideas.
  • Open up volunteer positions to teenagers in you homeschool group! Listen to all the benefits it has for them!

My favorite quote form Michele was “Think of avenues where you won’t have to micro manage, but you’ll know what’s going on.”



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