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Keeping Kids Close | The to-do list just keeps growing, but keeping kids close should be on the top of the list. In this episode, we will discuss easy ways to include the children and enjoy the holidays. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #ChristmasMerry Christmas Keeping Kids Close – 387

The to-do list just keeps growing, but keeping kids close should be on the top of the list. In this episode, we will discuss easy ways to include the children and enjoy the holidays.

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Sometimes I feel like I’m preaching to the choir. You guys are amazing you are dedicated moms who love your kids! But in our busyness, we sometimes lose our focus. Our worst traits come to the forefront and we are overwhelmed by it all – and then life happens. Someone is sick or there is a life-situation to deal with … and never mind the budget! December is a time when sales crop up and everything looks too good to pass up.

Friends I want to encourage you in this episode of VHM to keep the focus of the holidays on the true meaning of the season and on your kids. It’s easy to say – I shouldn’t get so overwhelmed that but the reality is that all of us do at one point or another. Believe me, it happens to the best of us – even those of you who are super organized! It doesn’t have to be that way and something that happened to me recently showed me that all of the efforts are SO worth it. Especially those of us who are with our kids quite a bit as homeschool parents.

Keeping Kids Close

I received the best gift ever from a pastor of our church. When he comes for dinner the kids never left the table. He is entertaining with his Irish accent, and he is so full of stories. He can talk about engines with one of my sons, and then make us laugh with stories of his seminary days. But he is a man that loves the Lord and has the pulse of what is going on in our daily lives. So, back to the gift – the gift he gave me was a compliment about my kids. He talked about the evidence of faith in them, how they loved and honored the Lord. He also asked me why I thought about the reason why. My answer? Besides as an example, and believe me, my husband and I are fallen like the rest of the flock – the reason is the time we spent with our kids.

Our kids were with us through the thick of things, we worked around our home together, we homeschooled from K-12 – with some college credits for the youngest two. Our favorite vacation was our pop-up camper. We kept things simple and made the best of our time together. Sure, it was work but we enjoyed it! These are some of the best memories we have as a family.

Ask your children what their favorite activities are and you will be surprised. Often it is the things you think would be the least important, like reading books together as a family. One of my friends does this as a Christmas tradition at their home that they read a book together, even though her children are older.

We can keep our kids close with activities and also events. Whether you are decorating the tree or going out in the woods – something I’ve never done but would love to do, and chopping one down! Building a snowman, or going on long walks together. Watching a movie and talking about it afterward.

Fun things to do with the kids while taking turns telling each other favorite family memories:

  1. Popcorn strings. Use a large needle and strong thread to make a popcorn string. You can decorate your inside tree or if you live in the south like I do, decorate an outdoor tree – the outdoor creatures will love you for it!
  2. Make place cards for Christmas – if you downloaded the Christmas planner from the website ( you received a template for this. Or make your own.
  3. Make handmade Christmas cards for family members. Be sure to write a Scripture verse.
  4. Create a family “time capsule” – put in current pictures, memorabilia – a picture of a favorite toy or stuffed animal, etc. Each person can put in their own “favorites” card. For example favorite movies, favorite music or favorite books. Put it up in the closet and label it with the year. Take it out in a few years and look at what it contains.
  5. Sit outside around a campfire or star gaze. Enjoy the outdoors (perhaps bundled together) with your family!

We can experience the joy of the holiday with our families and create those memories that will last the test of time. There is so much more joy and excitement about the coming of Christmas when we spend time with our children, and I know you do!


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