How To Stay Sane With Kids Home Full-Time

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Hey, homeschoolers!

I have been at home with my kids full-time for 23 years. It wasn’t what I wanted at first and I’ve had my share of challenges, but now I’m so grateful for the time I’ve had. If you’re a homeschooler whose kids are now home from outside classes and activities because of sheltering in or you’re new to having your kids home from school, this episode is for you. I want to share simple tips that will have you not just surviving but thriving with your kids home full-time.

Before we begin, I want to invite you to participate in the Intentional Homeschool Conference online on April 25th. This unique homeschool conference is entirely focused on planning your ideal homeschool year in a way that works for YOUR family. Along with other veteran homeschoolers, I’ll be presenting hands-on sessions that will help you not just take notes but apply what you learn in real time. I’ll also be there to help answer your questions about planning, curriculum, and parenting. Take advantage of early-bird pricing now!





Kids Home Full Time Resources

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When you adjust your expectations, reserve time to recharge, and give your kids what they need, you’ll not only survive this time, you’ll thrive during it. To find all the links I’ve mentioned and more, go to And be sure to register for the Intentional Homeschool Conference.

Have a happy homeschool week!


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