Killing Christians

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killing Christians, taking a stand for ChristKilling Christians – What Would You Do?

with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis


Felice and Meredith tackle the hard topic of the recent killing of Christians here, in American and abroad. The targeting of a specific nationality or faith is nothing new – but each time it becomes more and more horrific. As we stand together in prayer for the innocent victims – let’s keep in mind that it is our time to do something – to take a stand.


Show Notes: In this episode on Killing Christians:

Felice’s thoughts:

  1. We must take a stand – Newsboys Song “Born Again”
  2. We must have hope – Peter 3:15
  3. We must trust God
  4. We must talk to our kids – “How does this make you feel?”
  5. We must have a plan – what would you do? How would you handle this?
  6. We must demonstrate our love of Christ in action – “40 Days For Life” peaceful prayer march

Meredith’s thoughts:

  1. Why do people do this? How can this happen?
  2. What if someone really isn’t a Christian? Wheat separated from the chaff
  3. Power of prayer.
  4. Small group discussions.
  5. Visible church
  6. Gun Control



Newsboys – Born Again



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